Why Choose A Pilgrim Sumo

Why Choose a Pilgrim Kit over all the other Kit suppliers in the UK?

Once you have made the choice to build a cobra replica, then comes the rather tricky choice of which kit to build. A number of UK based manufactures sell kits and each has its own merits, see Manufacturers for more info and links.
The Pilgrim Sumo has many strong features that make it a good choice.

One compelling reason is generally price, it is true to say that Pilgrim's prices make them competitive compared to some other manufactures. This shouldn't be confused with cheap or inferior. It is possible to fabricate a Sumo on a budget of, say, ten to twelve thousand pounds and end up with a really great car. It is equally possible to spend upwards of twenty thousand pounds. For sure this will be discussed in more detail in the Cost of Building A Sumo?? section.hier

But, if you have been dreaming of owning a supercar for years and don't want to be forced to sacrifice, for example, the engine of your dreams because you are on a tight budget, then the Pilgrim would be a good kit to consider.

Other significant factors are

- Number of kits sold per annum (Pilgrim sell more kits per annum than almost all other manufacturers)
- Choice (you can build a Sumo on Sierra, Granada or Jaguar running gear and you can fit a number of Ford, Rover and Chevvy engines)
- Looks (the Pilgrim looks fantastic, but you already know that since you have seen the pictures)
- Development. The current Sumo is Mark III. Which means it's on it's third cycle of development and improvement.
- Resources. There are a number of Sumo Build blogs around and now, there is even a "how to build" wiki ;)
- customer service, the guys at Pilgrim are always willing to offer advice and support during your build.

If you're still not convinced what all the fuss is about with these Cobra replicas, check this out for a taster. (This is a DAX with Chevy 383 but you'll get the jist)

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