The SVA Kit

If you build an authentic looking car you will need to put on a few bits that are shall we say, a little dated in their designs, and won't get you through SVA. To help you with this there is a kit that is supplied by Pilgrim to manage the issues you may have at SVA with these parts. The kit comprises a few edging strips, a larger folding wing mirror, smoothed down petrol filler cap etc. A picture of the kit is shown below.
Its worth pointing out that the SVA inspectors aren't daft, they will know if you are trying to pull a fast one and so the idea is that these are temporary parts you use until you decide on the final parts for your car. If you shop around a little, you can find authentic looking and SVA acceptable replacements for all these parts so don't feel you have to use these parts. At the end of the day the SVA test is there to help you build a safe and reliable car, bypassing checks with temporary parts is not necessarily the best solution.

For instance, the Pilgrim screen is not SVA acceptable due to it being a bit sharp on the edges, but other companies supply excellent quality, authentic looking and SVA friendly screens, they may be a little more expensive. Brasscraft based in Guildford for instance supplies excellent screens, fuel filler caps and overriders that are all SVA friendly.

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