Supplier Links

List of Suppliers, contact details and a brief list of what they sell.
Companies list are known for great service. Feel free to add any you feel you could recommend to a friend.

Auto Electric suppliers: - All sorts of auto electrics and kit car parts. - Lights, Switches, Mirrors, Looms and fans for Classic and Kit Cars Auto/kit car electrics

Wheel suppliers:

Engines: - supplier of all things V8 - Pilgrims preferred supplier of Rover V8's. - BAE - very popular engine builders offering a range of makes and models.


Interior Seating Formerly known as Richfield seating and still producing seats to the Richfield design and spec.

Bresco - great site for all sorts of clips, fasteners, fixers, connectors etc.

Brasscraft: Suppliers of handmade cobra windscreens, fuel fillers, overriders and lots of other high quality shiny things: (All SVA friendly)

Chris Glover:
Farley Mount, Hogs Back, Seale, Farnham, Surrey GU10 1EU
Tel: 01252 782702

FlowFlex - suppliers of polyurathane Bushes

Number Plates: For some excellent quality plastic and metal black/white number plates - Craigs Plates All kinds of fibreglass supplies

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