Megasquirt Ecu

The megasquirt system is a programable ecu in place of an existing or aged unit, the rover v8 efi has many issues that can occur due to faulty equipment.
The fitting is reletively straight forward which includes help or reassurance from the manufacturer at any point during fitting. The ecu itself is smaller than the original rv8 unit which is easily mountable in the smallest places, a wideband lambda sensor is also needed which was personally bolted to the manifold on the exhaust system.


The system is controlled by the laptop which has many different sequences in order to gain that "extra HP" from adjusting the injector opening time to managing the throttle response. The initial program may look difficult but once the challenge has been tuned it is an easy experience and at any point it can be set to a required level of driving.


As you can see on the second picture all things like the air flow meter and the cold start injector have been removed because they are no longer needed, hence the filter straight on the plenum chamber.


The laptop dials…
Each dial moves individually once plugged in and have seperate tasks and digital readouts.
Engine Rpm… quite simple really
Coolant temp… as above
Pulse width…
Duty cycle…
Engine MAP… MAP = manifold air pressure
Manifold air temp…
Air fuel ratio… The readout given from the lambda sensor
Spark advance…

These are just the dials, but there are many configurations to twist and manipulate. I had a standard 3.5 efi but since installing megasquirt I have been told it has significant increase in HP (untested).

The extraefi site is a good read in itself, and Phil Ringwood the manufacturer is always there to help.

Lots of info available on the web, such as

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