Column Wiring

Joining the Pilgrim Loom into the Ford column is a little challenging. Before you start, make sure you have been provided the additional sheets from Pilgrim covering this job. These are extra pages that are supplied as just a4 sheets giving the details of what goes where.

The sheets state (sic):

Indicator Switch

Pin Number Pilgrim Ford
H30 Purple Red
54 Green Black/Yellow or Black
49a L.Green/Brown Black/Green-White
49 Red/L.Green Black/Red
R Green/White Black/Green
L Green/Red Black/White
H Purple/Black Red/Yellow

This function has been terminated with the correct amp terminal and will fit the amp indicator switch mouldings. Warm to soften plastic open gates and remove old terminals, replace with the new)
For other moulding types use supplied heaqt shrink to cover terminals and fix in place with tie wrap to the four way connector wires.

Horn connections
For Horn push on the column switch, use terminal H( Purple/Black)

At horn use purple/black and black earth to switch live supply

For horn push in steering wheel hub, cut black loop, use supplied red butt and splices to connect horn slip ring.

At horn use purple and black wire to switch earth return.

Light Switch BG87

Pin No. Pilgrim Ford
53c Lt Green Black
58 Red Slate
30 Purple Red
53-2 Black/Lt Green Black/Lt Green
56 Blue Brown/Black
31b2 Brown/Yellow Brown/Yellow
Earth Black Brown

Dip Switch (BG87) Left Side of column:

Pin No. Pilgrim Ford
15 Black Brown
56a White/Black Brown/White
56b Red/Black Brown/Yellow
56 Blue Brown/Black

Wiper Switch Right Side of column:

Pin No. Pilgrim Ford
53b Blue/LT Green Red
54 Green Black/Purple
53 Red/LT Green LT Green
31b1 Brown/LT Green Brown/White

Though from experience, you will need to check all this fairly carefully :).

Fuse Positioning

The fuse boxes can go in several places, but remember you may need to get to them one dark night at the side of the road, so the easier the better. If you put then in the footwells as shown below, its best to make some brackets up so that they are facing the right way.

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