Cobra Insurance

Below is a list of main companies that offer Cobra kit car insurance with contact details and other relevant info.

As a very rough guide for a single named driver, age over 30, excess £200, windscreen £50, 3.5L Rover V8 sumo, agreed value £15,000, mileage limit 3000, clean license. Cost of insurance: £270 approx. (2009)

Detailed info:

The quotes below were sought on the following basis:

2 unrelated drivers - 1 age 29 (no convictions), 1 age 30 (one SP30)
Mileage limited to 5000
Value as set out in the quotes.
No security other than the usual, unrecognised systems. Garaged overnight
6.4l Ford V8

Heritage Car Insurance
Up to 15% discount & FREE GPS Tracker

  • Free Agreed Valuations
  • Specialist cover for your kit at £69.36
  • Free cover for track days (club organised or non-competitive)
  • Limitage milaeage discounts
  • Insure up to £15K under 10 years old, £50K over.
  • Minimum age 25/ 12 months full licence.
  • Free Skytag GPS Tracker worth £250
  • European Cover

Insurance quote based on above criteria = £570 with £150 excess

Or call 0121 248 9385

Adrian Flux
Up to 15% discount.
Agreed values if required.
Insure up to £50K.
minimum age 21/ 12 months full licence.
Free legal expenses cover - up to £50K worth of fees in the event of a non-fault accident.
£30k value
Underwriter – Connetik - Groupama
No security:£1,323
Thatcham2: £896

Blackford Bloor (very helpful)
Discount available for Cobra club membership.
Agreed values.
Insure up to £35K
Minimum age 25/ 12 months full licence
Over £30k requires thatcham 1
£30k value: £816.87
Both over 30 years: £535.70
Below £30k no discount for security

Also do build up very reasonable build up cover policy.

Footman James
Discounts available.
No maximum insurable value.
Minimum age 25 with experience
Breakdown and recovery included FOC
£40k Value: £1,331
£30k Value; £1,155
Tracker makes no difference to price

Graham Sykes
Up to 15% discount.
Agreed values.
Insure up to £35K, phone for higher.
minimum age 21, phone if younger.
Breakdown and Recovery £20 extra.
Will not insure without a thatcham 1 alarm over £10k value

i4 Insurance
Possible discounts depending on insurer.
Agreed values available.
Minimum age 25/ 12 months full licence.
Annoying phoneback / chasing service – Direct number for ‘Call Connection’
Referral Service:
Use Adrian Flux, Mayfair / Performance and Footman James

10% discount.
Market value.
Insure up to £50K.
Minimum age 18/ 12 months full licence.
Will not insure under 30s at £30k value
With tracker and over 30s - £890
Require a thatcham 1 or tracker over £30k

Up to 15% discount .
Agreed values.
Insure up to £15K up to 10 years old, £50K over.
minimum age 25/ 12 months full licence.
Free club organised track day cover.
Same as / use Heritage

Performance Direct
Aka Mayfair Insurance
Didn’t respond to me

Discount available.
Minimum age 21/ 12months full licence.
Goes through to ‘Call Connection’ (i4 ins.)
Use Footman James, Adrian Flux and Mayfair

Lancaster Insurance Services
specialised in providing Classic Car Insurance to the UK market since 1984.
Call 01480 484848 or visit Lancaster Insurance

Firms called Hagertys and come recommended but not quoted here.

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