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Latest 28th December 2009 - a detailed video on how to measure of correct bumpsteer from Rowly Measure and correct Bump Steer.

Latest 1st November 2009 - details on how to reuse your donor heater, its better, its warmer and its free Heater Page.

Latest 20th August 2009 - coming soon, how to make your own wind-wings and how to fit a hood.

Latest 1st February 2009 - Sidecarbod has been at it again, this time a great article on how to modify a lucas dizzy to get the very best of it.Useful Articles By Members.

Latest 23rd January 2009 - a detailed article added on how Measure and correct Bump Steer. Fixing this can radically improve your handling and is relatively easy to do.

Latest 19th January 2009 - a detailed article added on how to convert a Sumo to use a hydraulic clutch. See the clutch page for details, this includes our first embedded video.

Latest 11th January 2009 - a major article added by the world famous Sidecarbod on how to get the best from the Edelbrock 500 carb, a very popular choice on the cobra replica. See the Fueling System page.

News : We've gone international: I've noticed someone has run a translator on the site and we're getting regular links from this site: Translated Sumo Wiki

Latest 16th Sept 2008: details on Fan switches added, section on Steering bearings and Front wheel arch trim ups .

Latest 17th May 2008: quite a few changes since April, some extra info on diffs, engine mounts, front brakes (cheers Marty) speedo brackets (electrics section), steering brackets added etc.

Latest 21 April 2008: I've added a guest book, please sign and say hello!!!!

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This site is for everyone who is building, built or interested in building a Pilgrim sumo Cobra replica. The site is open to anyone to read but also thanks to the way Wiki sites work, anyone can write or edit sections of this site (so please do). It is expected that sumo/cobra replics owners and builders will write most of the content.


This site is intended to be a technical reference site and build guide, its structure is loosely based on a logical order to building a sumo and matches to some degree the Sumo construction manual provided with the kits from Pilgrim. The advantage of this type of guide over a traditional manual is that it contains information from a wide range of experienced builders, link to suppliers, detailed photos etc etc.

This site is NOT intended to take the form of a discussion forum for peoples issues or ideas. If you want that kind of thing, check out http://www.cobraclub.com/ where you can find an almost unlimited amount of advice, discussion and banter about all things to do with cobra replicas.

The best type of information you can provide is the most general that will help the most people, if you've fitted an one-off component, please share the info, but don't replace a more general and useful set of information that's already there. Feel free to add another page and put a link to it at the bottom of the more general info:

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History of Pilgrim
Info about Cobra replicas in General.

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